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The Process.

We don’t just make a face mask and toss it in a box. There’s a LOT more to it.


Samples from each lot are removed to be conditioned in a chamber for 24 hours. Kind of like taking a day–long nap.


Next, the sample masks get ready for the filter test, which checks to see if any nasty little particles can get through.


Now we stretch. The straps are pulled tighter than those pants you own that haven’t fit in 5 years.


Ever snap one of the straps? We test ripping force – that way we know your straps won’t rip off like those fake masks you’ve worn.

No performance anxiety here. Just quality you can trust.
Let’s locate that lot number and get to work.
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Certificate of Analysis
ivWatch hereby certifies the following data to be true specification of the obtained results.
Fancy industry terms aside, this means our masks are legit.
Product Name


Lot Number
Date of Manufacture
Product Name

TC Number

Lot Number
Date of Manufacture

Your mask provides 0.0% filtration efficiency of 0.1-micron aerosolized saline particles.

blox Average Lot Filtration Efficiency

Industry Standard

Particulate Filtration Efficiency

**blox masks perform better than the industry standard of 95%.
Notice how we said better?

Lot Number:

Discover How Your Lot of Masks Performed

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